Entrepreneurship is an adventure, but your legal doesn’t have to take you to a dead end.

Building a business is hard enough, and you don’t need that little bug in your ear bothering you that you may not be as protected as you need to be, on the wrong road. That's where we come in as your guide to navigate those legal potholes with templates that save you time and money.

Let’s get that little nagging bug out of here and get your biz on the right road to legal protection! 

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    What type of contracts will cover things like your services, your website, your ideas or creative assets?

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You need contracts that protect you that you can actually understand

Our legal templates are drafted by an experienced business and intellectual property lawyer who has seen her fair share of contracts and litigated quite a few. You know these contracts have the correct provisions you need that encompass a variety of situations without the fancy legalese only lawyers understand. Plus, we include educational information, optional language, and even drafting questions you should answer. Just fill out your template, upload it or send it out, and be protected right away. Easy peasy, done!

Shannon Villalba  Legal Contract Factory owner and founder, business and intellectual property lawyer

Hey there!

I'm Shannon, and I'm a serial entrepreneur and attorney. For twelve years I’ve served as general counsel to small businesses advising them on their business and intellectual property legal matters.

My passion is empowering entrepreneurs like you with the legal education you need to thrive. I created Legal Contract Factory to give you contract templates you can confidently use for your business, even if you're just starting out.

I hope you find our contracts helpful on your entrepreneurial journey!

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